The team behind the ORO
real estate project

1400 Consortium
began the ORO project

Each member of 1400 Consortium is well-known in their domain for quality work, serious commitment, fashion sense and attention to detail. Consortium members collaborated to create this new crown jewel of Montréal’s Golden Square Mile.

Groupe Maxera

Groupe Maxera has more than 40 years of experience in construction and upscale real estate project management ranging from single-family homes to complexes offering more than 500 units.

Les Immeubles Zamora
Real estate co-promoter

This company has participated in the financing, construction, promotion and management of various residential project in Montréal and the surrounding region.

Saroli Palumbo
L’Atelier d’architecture

For the past 30 years, L'Atelier has worked in the residential, institutional, commercial, cultural and educational sectors. Winner of numerous professional awards, Saroli Palumbo has accomplished several recent achievements with residential complexes containing more than 150 units.